Website Design & Hosting

  Univision’s full service web development can build a site for your business or organization that drives your message on the internet.

  We have a systematic approach that results in effective and stunning websites without breaking the bank. We get the costs down by leveraging the capabilities of WordPress and utilizing templates that help give direction to and streamline the site design process.

Some recent sites that we have developed

Mostad Construction

Great Divide PT

Sole Stone Supply

Back Door Outfitters

Local Web Development


Phases of development

Univision Development

Phase 1 - Evaluation Meeting

  Our first step is to understand the scope of your project. What are your goals? What are your ideas? What is your budget? We will meet with you to gather the information we need to get started. In this meeting we encourage clients to bring screenshots or addresses of sites with elements that they like. We discuss things you do not like about sites.

Design Website

Phase 2 - Initial Design Selection

  Now that we understand your project goals, we go back and analyze those and come up with an initial design mock-up that we feel would achieve those goals and present this to you. In some cases we may have several design options to present. In this process you select the design direction that you want to go with for your site.

Website Process

Phase 3 - Start Building Your Site

  We start building your site based on the input that we had prior to this phase. We add content and you review the work, provide feedback and we refine. This process continues until we have a working final website.

Live Development

Phase 4 - Go Live!

  Once the final design is completed and you have approved the site, we go live with the site. During the entire development process, some technical processes have been going on behind the scenes to get your domain registration squared away and hosting server ready to accept the site.

  Once all of these 4 easy steps are completed, you can stake claim on your new online territory! Univision is always working with you on your design process, along with future changes that ever need to be made. Call to talk to one of our website consultants.

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